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Interdesign UK Flexform London 

The App will allow users of different level of skills (beginner – intermediate – advanced ) to find recipes and step by step instructions, based on their preference in order to find easier what they are looking for.

A simple and easy navigation, step by step tutorials and option to personalise the app, with favourite foods, dishes and skills levels. Also option to share with other users and upload own recipes.

Web Design


Screenshot 2020-10-04 at 14.23.28.png
Flying iPhone X Mockups 3.png

Competitive analysis 

A complete competitive and UX analysis of few higly rated products,  in order to understand their Key Objectives, the Overall Strategy andMarketing Profile.

Swot analisys yummly.png
Yummly mockup 1.png
Yummly mockup 2.png
ks logo.png
Kitchen stories mockup 1.png
kitchen stories mockup 2.png
Swot analisys KITCHEN.png

User Research


Interior Designers or Architects, Design lovers.


Products imagery, inspiration, products details 


While working 


At work or at home


To find for products for their projects or for their home


Searching by collection or categories, downloading tech sheets and images, looking at material, finding information of the Brands and news, sending enquiries

User Persona

I interviewed few potential users with different life style, backgrounds and ages to identify opportunities for my app and get a better understanding of their Beaviors and Attitudes, Needs or Goals, Frustrations people have when planning and preparing their meals.

Based on the interview insights, I developed 3 personas that served as reference through the whole project.

As a user with low cooking experience I want to be able to find easy recipes and step by step tutorials so that I can learn and/or improve my skills

As a person with not much time I want to be able to find quick recipes so that I can cook good dishes using less time

As a user with lot of cooking experience I want to find suggestion of high quality recipes so that I can try new and different dishes

As a user with not much time to do on grocery I want to be able to find recipes based on ingredients that already have so that I can save time and money 

As a person that likes to eat healthy I want to be able to find nutritional information of the recipes so that I can follow a diet

As a person that struggle with weight I want to be able to find suggestions of daily or weekly meals plan so that I can chose a diet and follow it   

User Flow


Mood board  |  Style Guide

FoodforYOU logo.png
iPhone 8 X food for u.png

Final Screens

01 - Intro.jpg
02 - Account Page.jpg
07 - Dislike Foods.jpg
08 - Welcome.jpg
13 - Recipe Page.jpg
18 - Vegan for a week.jpg
14 - Recipe description.jpg
03 - Create Account.jpg
09 - HOME Full Page.jpg
19 - YOU.jpg
04 - Cooking Skills.jpg
05 - Diets.jpg
06 - Allergies.jpg
15 - Step by step.jpg
11 - SEARCH.jpg
16 - Final Step.jpg
12 - Search by Cousin.jpg
17 - meal Plan.jpg
Mockup Hand.jpg


Responsive Website

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