For this speculative project, I was tasked with designing the UI for a music app.

This app needed to include features that fulfilled needs that I felt was not met by the apps i used currently

UI Design 

Case Study  | Career Foundry


I analyzed several different music apps currently in the market in order to identify common features and patterns. The goal was to ensure that my design would follow standards and be consistent with the users mental models around these types of apps. My design needed to be innovative, but at the same time its functionality had to be intuitive and easy to adopt.

The Idea 

Create an App where user can not only Listen music, create playlist and discover new music but also find information about Artist Biography, Album Information and Credits, the Latest News and Lyrics of the songs


Iconography & Typography 

Imagery and Colours

The dark blue will be the dominant colour, the grey as support for text, headings and icons. The orange will be used for Accent elements like buttons and active Icons. I opted for Blue as the dominant colour because i would like to achieve a sense of professionalism that the dark blue remind, it also give a sense of serenity and trustworthiness. The orange is used for Accent Colours because it is associated with play and energy and I like warmth contrast with the Dark blue.

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